Artist Statement

<p>                                                        Artist Debbie Sharp and co-Founder of The Penthouse artist led project space Manchester Themes of past works have included Bradford &amp; The Yorkshire Ripper, Trauma &amp; Containment, Mortality and Remembrance, Sexuality &amp; Gender.      I’ve worked on commissions with The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester Art Gallery, The Peoples History Museum, Royal Northern College Of Music. produced work for VOID Derry, Open Eye Gallery Liverpool, Deptford x festival London, LOOK11 international photography festival. Sluice art fair london and Exchange Rates New York, and had features about my work in The Wire. currently lead artist and curator at Bill Drummonds The Curfew Tower, Cushendall Northern Ireland

photograph of live performance My Butch at Leeds City Museum.

photograph of live performance My Butch at Leeds City Museum.

Debbie Sharp is a Multi-disciplined Queer Artist, Curator, Activist, and co-Founder of The Penthouse an artist-led LGBTQ+ contemporary art organisation who’s curatorial and research projects are focused on Queer art, Dyke tactics and radical practices.

Within my art practice Im investigating and challenging ideas around the human condition exploring ageing, death, identity and gender through the personal gaze.

“I make personal work as a lesbian and Queer artist as a means to explore and understand my own identity and because I do not see myself reflected in art history. Queer people have to document and share our own stories and histories, we have to create something from nothing in a hetero-normative society that doesn’t understand who we are. I have always worked as an artist as a necessity and have been part of DIY movements to make things happen. My life has been my material - and I believe in the personal as political. As an artist, musician and performer I have been part of DIY Queer and Dyke scenes where we create our own culture.”

Ive produced work for The Gallery 78 in Reykjavik Iceland, VOID Derry, The Curfew Tower Cushendall, Open Eye Gallery Liverpool,Live Art Bistro Leeds, Manchester art gallery, The Whitworth Gallery Manchester, HOME Manchester, Deptford x festival London, LOOK11 international photography festival,HYPERLOCAL festival Buenos Aires. Silent Barn New York, Sluice art fair London and Exchange Rates New York.

I was a member of the cult punk riot girl band Valerie, and experimental band Womb.. 

I’ve given talks about my art practice most recently, Presenting on Queer platforms and performing Butch Identity- at LGBTQ+ Symposium on occasion of new David Hockney gallery at Cartwright Hall, Bradford. Delivered a masterclass for Peshkar under25project  for young artist from Spain, Portugal and the UK. Peshkar is a multi-platform arts organisation Improving the lives of young people through the arts.