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Print LIVE!
6:00 PM18:00

Print LIVE!

i’ve been selected for one of the commissions where I will be producing a new live performance in response to the exhibition Print at Bury art museum. details below.

As part of the current exhibition: Print - A Catalyst for Social Change, we are holding an evening event in the gallery. We have commissioned two brand new new live performance events from LGBTQIA+ artists in Greater Manchester (details to follow) and will be hosting tours of the exhibition, music, a bar and opportunities to make some print artworks yourself.

The exhibition explores the significance of print in the dissemination of political ideas and as a tool for social change. Artists in the exhibition include: William Hogarth, Tracy Emin, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Janice Kerbel, Phil Sayers and many others.

The exhibition and events programme have been made possible by funding from Arts Council England and Superbia.

Exhibition curated by Kat Au & Jez Dolan with Gina Warburton.

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7:00 PM19:00

LGBT+ History Month West Yorkshire Queer Stories

West Yorkshire Queer Stories Presents Bird la Bird...

A revolutionary exploration of the deep queer past which may change the way you think about LGBTIQ+ history forever. This box set worth of true stories squashed into a show bursts with information, insight, laughter and emotion. Beginning in the vast prison which once stood on the site of Tate Britain, Bird lovingly traces the lives of queer prisoners spanning through centuries and across the British Empire. It decolonises LGBTIQ+ history by taking an inclusive, irreverent approach to the past.

Plus Special Guests...


Debbie Sharp performing

MY BUTCH (A Yorkshire stubbornness) 15 min performance, sound and visuals.

“I grew up in Bradford left school at 16 and from my Photography Youth Training Scheme first payment, I bought a pair of Cherry Doc Martin Boots. I could now walk the streets in Dyke style”

A new live performance exploring identity and gender, with archival footage and improvised live sound making with body and objects, inspired by the West Yorkshire Queer Stories oral histories. My Butch takes us into Debbie Sharp’s own story.

Debbie Sharp is a multi-disciplined artist, working within different mediums and materials to create fragments of narrative to trigger the senses and memory. Recent exhibition’s and performance as seen sharp locked in a Curfew Tower in Cushendall Northern Ireland, investigating and challenging her situation as a lesbian in a tower that was built to imprison delinquents, and part of Queer Instructions photography exhibition at The Gallery 78 in Reykjavik Iceland.

Evening compered by Jordan Small (BE-LGBTQ: R'n'B with Edges, Be Outspoken).

FREE EVENT but booking is essential:

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11:00 AM11:00

Workshop to remember Bradford's inspirational women of the past

  • POP gallery ( The Peace Museum temporary Gallery space) (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


Join artist Debbie Sharp
in making in memory cards to Bradford's women who have inspired you. 
This could be someone famous or a family member who have passed.

For remembrance, 
These in memory cards will then be placed within a new art installation at Undercliffe Cemetery. 

Come share your stories of the great inspiring women of Bradford.

No experience needed for this free workshop and all materials will be provided as well as light refreshments of tea and coffee.

The workshop will take place at The Peace Museum’s 
POP gallery space at 60 kirkgate Bradford

part of the art project HIDDEN SUFFRAGE.
Celebrating the hidden stories of women who are buried at undercliffe cemetery.

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12:00 PM12:00

We can make you look beautiful

“We Can Make You Look Beautiful”: Non-femme Presentation, ‘Pampering’ and Cancer
Sunday 26th August, 5-6.30pm. Number 70 Oxford Street (as part of Manchester Pride’s The Superbia Weekend)
Free, no ticket required

We invite you to an evening of cabaret exploring what it means to be non-femme (whether lesbian, bi, queer, butch, gender non-conforming, trans* or non-femme presenting cis/straight) in the world of complimentary cancer care. In a landscape of long wigs, make overs and pamper packages, are some people left on the shelf? Join us for a funny and frank look at life with cancer when you aren’t cheered up by lipstick and frills! 

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to Jul 1

speakHer at Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

speakHer is a new sound sculpture celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Representation of the People Act. Inspired by Calderdale’s own local Women's Social and Political Union and Emily Pankhurst’s rousing speech in support of the striking weavers on the wooden steps of Bridge Mill (Hebden Bridge) this unapologetic sculpture amplifies what protest means to women today in light of the Women’s Suffrage Movement and what is still to be fought for.

speaker 4.jpg
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7:00 PM19:00


Fluids. Everywhere. Refreshing, juicy, slippery, disgusting, slimy, hydrating. What else can a fluid do? Alex Tsoli and Coral Short come together to explore splashy fluids inside the contained world of video so we can all stay dry. But for how long?

We will shy away from no fluid. From blood, to saliva, to piss, to other bodies of water this flowing curation is full of juicy works from around the world. Come melt with us into the large luscious dripping screen after the Easter Conference.

Video Artists


Megan Moore
Hiraeth (Welsh): Homesickness, or an intense longing for a home you can't return to, or that never was.This work is an abstract exploration of micro and macro imagery, an otherworldly representation attempting to offer refuge from this world. The cosmic soundtrack is generated using musical notes generated from my DNA.
European Premiere

Carlos Ruiz-Valarino 
Float reflects on the existential problem at the heart of all modern societies found within the definition of the consciousness of being and belonging, by both individuals and the community. The act of appreciating this landscape in its state of maximum splendor allows for close links with the worldly and the divine. Even though these subjects, frozen in time, suggest the imminence of an event, nothing actually happens. Interpreting the landscape is a metaphor of being or its manifestation which exposes our vulnerability in the face of the unknown.
European Premiere

Tom Moore and Darken Malign
Body of Work - Bodies of Oceans
Audio from Kopi Queer Takeover Feb 2017
Bodies of oceans… a circle of dolphins swimming through a sea of slow jams and Broken Beats... Deep waters, Dense textures, Sensual Places...
….My Body your party, Building up from a tender longing for oceans and a to once again touch and taste bodies, Layering skin over texture, Dissecting Pop Songs to blocks building a walls of sound, Tearing down walls, Bodies like wrecking balls, Assembly line lament, Anatomy and dreams, Chaos and fluids, Parties and pleasure, Noise and navigation...


Maximilian Latva
Lux Aeterna (Starring Mona Ng)
Lux Aeterna combines text from the the Requiem mass with childhood memories of a chronic bed wetter. 
"May light eternal shine upon them, O Lord" could refer to the the bountiful rain of "golden showers", merging elements of religious and sexual ecstasy with guilt and shame. Or it could refer to freedom gained by not abiding by social norms, or is it about how early experiences can shape one's fetishes? It's slippery.
World Premiere

Tsolia Summer Groove
This is the music video of the track Tsolia by Metatheodosia in the album Omofylikes Emomyxies, a compilation album by greek queer label Fytini, where artists are covering other artists. Metatheodosia is covering FYTA’s Hionia, changing the word hionia for tsolia, giving the song a totally different and personal meaning, as she always does.
World Premiere

Eva Giannakopoulou
at the Beach by Eva Giannakopoulou
I am at the beach of an island dressed with liturgical orthodox vestments, hugging my son and a video camera.
Approaching the mother-son relationship as a necessary and ambiguous -yet implicit- erotic conjunction, I explore the limits between acceptable and unacceptable through “orthodox” formulations and audio stimulations. 
With a “self managed” camera, in a deserted beach of an island, I attempt to question the sacredness-mother(ness) binary, making use of deviation and divergence tactics, whilst adopting a motherhood ambivalent model under the light and the heat of the summer sun.
World Premiere

Jozefien Beckers
Shot in Castel di Fiori, a site where 3 rivers meet, hard to reach by pedestrians. We stayed here for 17 hours in silence: sleeping, eating, bathing, moving, listening, doing confessions.. and reassessing long-forgotten states of boredom, contemplation, standing still and collectiveness.
World Premiere

Felipe Rivas San Martín
Diga “queer” con la lengua afuera
In Spanish, "language" means both tongue and language (body and discourse). This videoperformance is inserted in the debates that -from the activism of local sexual dissidence- have discussed about the enunciation and circulation of the queer politics and theories in Latin America, from a decolonial perspective.
German Premiere

Eggs & Legs + Clitus Clitoris
Eggs and legs and Clitus Clitoris, an art trio based in Athens GR, present “PATER”, their first Orthodox Christian porn video. The orthodox drag-priest Pater transmits their knowledge of eroticism, explaining what it means to be a woman. A submissive X assists them with this mission. This video is sponsored by KRESSEX, an antibiotic and aphrodisiac deodorant made with meat and sex.
World Premiere

Pierre Rot
pee ceremony: AND HERE I AM AGAIN
performance by PIERRE ROT
footage NEO FUNG
editing PIERRE ROT

Dripping Technique
a small tutorial piece that transforms the techniques of the art masters (example pollock) to an art rooted in the body and its fluids.
World Premiere

Charlie Bucket
Liquid Sculpture
This is a small prototype for a fluid dress.
MUSIC: "Imperials" by Ratatat

Nadia Granados
Cámara por Andrea Hernández
Más videos en
European Premiere

Hedda Hennix
World Premiere

Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Elvis Sharp
Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp were commissioned to respond to Wordworks 7. Our response questions and confronts the use of erotica by Corridor/Wordworks/Savoy artists. We have removed the fantastical and replaced it with the actual- the representative component parts - the vagina and the black ink. The black ink is fluid, outside of the page and also the realm of the men who imagined it as part of their ‘weird and wonderful’ worlds. 
German Premiere


Thank you to Betonest and to our brains for providing space for research for this curation.

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1:00 PM13:00

De(Construction) – Developing the Creative Scene, DIY Style Part of: PUSH 2018

As part of Push Festival at HOME Manchester, I will be performing a new piece along side artist Rosanne Robertson.


A reverse sculpture by artists Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson.

For De(Construction) artist directors of The Penthouse Debbie Sharp and Rosanne Robertson will present a reverse sculpture that pairs raw materials of construction and the performance of destruction - reducing old hierarchical individualistic monumentalism to the communal experience of dust.

Over the past 5 years The Penthouse was borne of and incubated by a piece of crumbling modernist architecture, we cooperated and revolted within its dust which we believe still resides within our bodies. Indeterminacy, ephemerality and moments happened within the dust of a previous era with cranes bringing the dreams attached to new concrete blocks all around us. Boundaries between our bodies, structures, vibrations were destabilised. The Queer female body within crumbling modernist structure has been an important yet non-formalised part of the experience with both artists exploring structure and the city on their own terms and inviting other artists to do the same.

The Dyke body forcing the destruction of built up Penthouse dreams and agitating ideals for an advanced and sleek future brings into force an ‘Other’ power. This power is more attuned to Mother nature who has the force to engulf all into the sediment layers of the Earth.

The boundaries of the artists’ bodies and the materials of the spaces in which their practices exist will be renegotiated- De(Constructed) within a live performance. This act is reflective of the ongoing cycle of creation and destruction within DIY and artist led culture- creating a space for freedom.



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