A Requiem for the Darkness 

 A live score and performance piece which was first performed on a roof top in NEW YORK as part of exchange rates, In collaboration with Sluice London -  Norte Maar Brooklyn and Theodore Art New York.

The sound is built up over the course of the performance creating the live score, instead of using traditional musical instruments, I create the score by using live amplified tools, copper, paper, metals, as well as live body and vocal sounds.

The performance is a work depicting restrictions and the frailness of being human, The mechanics within the mind this dark space where memories are stored where life waits for death where fear lays and darkness takes control.    

Each performance holds uniqueness in terms of the live sound drawings/plaquing that is produced during the performance. This giving each performance a unique piece of art work at the end.

 A limited edition recording as been produced of the Requiem along with art work from the past live performance.