DYKE Propaganda

Welcome to the DYKE Propaganda MACHINE


I was commissioned by Bury Art Gallery to create a new performance in response to the current exhibition

Print - A Catalyst for Social Change

DYKE Propaganda, a sound and spoken word performance repurposing text and writing from the exhibition including the hidden slogans in the work of Hogarth – to mirror the tactics of Propaganda to take one thing and re situate it as meaning something else.

The revolution was printed live and Dyke Tactics open to all U = US

The exhibition PRINT explores the significance of print in the dissemination of political ideas and as a tool for social change. Artists in the exhibition include: William Hogarth, Tracy Emin, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Janice Kerbel, Phil Sayers and many others.

The exhibition and events programme have been made possible by funding from Arts Council England and Superbia.

Exhibition curated by Kat Au & Jez Dolan with Gina Warburton.


images by Rosanne Robertson and Incidentally Bentley