Truth and Light

A immersive installation with amplified sounds

I relocated 100 bricks from the rooftop of Hilton house in Manchester to create this site-specitc installation.

i used these bricks to brick up a window which was situated in the stairwell of Hilton house. This space as a cold decaying atmosphere with the echoes of the building climbing the staircase. these sounds i amplified by placing a mic at the bottom of the stairs. I purposely left gaps between the brick while i bricked up the window this was because i was interested in how the light would penetrate into the stairwell. This bring silent echoes from the world outside into the space and as the light beams came through the gaps creating a timeline. 

These brick were taken from the rooftop where for years they had been open to the elements and the light now place to create darkness in the stairwell blocking out the light. This darkness and full environment created with the installation was put in place to create an environment of contemplation. 

a chair was placed in the space to encourage the viewer to sit in thought. 

text was written on the glass in front of the bricks that you could only see when the light shone on it. The writing read

“With-in i will find the Truth and Light”  

This was inspired by reading of the The Quran

where in the Quran it talks about the truth and the light.