I was commissioned to work as creative producer and lead artist on the play Menarche, working with Bluesci a mental health and wellbeing charity, The Penthouse, and Arts Council England and staged at Gorse Hill Studios.

The play Menarche was the idea of service user of Bluesci artist Una Baines. Una needed the additional support to bring Menarche from idea to a live performance. I supported her with her vision, with one to one mentoring and group workshops. We created a safe, peer sharing supportive environment for Una’s play to come to life.

We additionally worked with the young people at Gorse Hill Studios, as supporting cast and for the development of the stage set. The set, dancing, drumming, martial arts and percussion were all developed during special one off workshops.

The set was minimal playing with projections, mirrors and lighting to create a stunning intimate atmospheric environment of the natural elements fire, water, air and earth. 


“ Menarche is a play about a girl who is on a journey and meets four women who teach her different pivotal lessons. A journey through the four elements on a journey to becoming a woman. ”

Gorse Hill Studios has been established for over 15 years; it is a thriving Youth & Community Arts Centre based in the North of Trafford, accessed by young people from all over Trafford and beyond. It provides a mixture of arts, music, and youth services to over two hundred 11-25 year olds each week. The building provides a safe place for young people to come socialise, learn new skills, receive advice and information, share cultural experiences and have fun. Gorse Hill Studios is one of the best resourced centres in the North West, it is unique in that all creative art forms have equal presence.

Bluesci Support are commissioned to provide wellbeing services – delivering psychological interventions within community social settings. This is achieved through locating wellbeing services within North South and Central Trafford run by and for the benefit of the local community. 
Bluesci Support Well-Being Service takes its guiding principles from a variety of evidence and best practice. This includes Social Inclusion, Social Capital, Learning Theory, Public Health, Personalisation Agenda, Human Library, Guided self help (Low intensity IAPT), Mental Health life Recovery, National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance and Department of Health Policy Guidance.