paradoxparadox took place at HOME Manchester during a period of five days. I was selected to take part in this project through a call out. To work with Brazilian artists Rafael Abdala and Jessica Goes and other selected artists based in Greater Manchester. We spent eight hours each day in a collaborative space, working in an experimental way with no fixed goals or processes. 


Part of this opportunity i used to experiment and take advantage of the large exhibition space that HOME have. I create a work called RED. 



experimenting with light and sound and colour.

As we were working with materials that we found around the location i had found this amazing Red coloured plastic sheeting that i decided to make use of the hight of the space and hang the sheet down. When hung and because of its shaping the sheet spun around slowly in the space. I then placed a light inside the sheet to highlight the redness and on doing so i noticed that  this created a time line on the wall almost like a sundial as the sheet moved around. i loved the fact it did this and found it very poetical as the light moved around slowly lighting up the wall tracing light and time,

I experimented with this installation more and added cctv to it bring new elements and interpretation to the work and later i brought in a performance and recorded it. This took place just by the entrance which looking back at after wards i loved the juxtapose of me in the dark gallery performing while you could see people outside the gallery in the light walking by unaware of what i was doing.

As this was a full 5 days of experimenting and collaborations i took part in various other working and developments by myself and with the other artists and this installation was taken down but i managed to film the sheet again with out the light to capture the movement of the sheet hanging down and moving around slowly and the redness of the sheet against the blackness of the space.

I later reworked and recreated the installation by projecting this back into the large exhibition space. Ive been wanting to try out large projections so this opportunity was perfect for that as I’m interested in immersive art and developing that further. 

Along side this projection i created a intense live sound score with performance.



“Paradoxparadox is a process-based project, with no interest in “what” or “why”. The workshop activities will focus on “how” we get into the creative process. Starting with provocative exercises and with the aid of ‘trigger materials’, the participants will dive into the void of experimentation, with no fixed ideas or final outcome in mind. The idea of experimentation – without knowing and without a need to extract meanings from the experience – leads us to a paradoxical way of creating and collaborating: Deep into nothingness, in full embodiment, living the experience, collectively”.