Performance is one of the main elements of my art practice and features in most of my projects. I've performed in gallery spaces and unusual spaces, on roof tops, in park tunnels, I've created site-specific installations in which I've performed in wire mesh and caged headwear. using improvised spoken word and sound making each performance unique to that moment shared with the audience.

what some have said about my performances 

"the effect is both intimate and sinister" The Wire   

CFCCA “Fantastic performance - really engaged with Wu Mali and Lu CHien-ming’s work in #MicroMicroRevolution!”


Here you will find details of some of my past performances. You can also find details of some of my performances on other project pages.

live performance of static memory at The penthouse Manchester Noise Above Noise event

"static memory #2 shows the artist partly surrounded by a wire mesh structure, sitting at a dimly lit desk and intoning a repetitive text that, combined with a radio static and electronic effects, forms claustrophobic layers. Metal plaque making crops up in sharp’s work over the years; she records and loops the sounds of tools on metal as she beats out the words she’s reciting. in the further enclosed space of the corridor the effect is both intimate and sinister”. The Wire


Theshold  “ring in the new” VOID Gallery DERRY

A handover of the curfew tower performance in collaboration with The ‘Nothing But Longing' exhibition at Void Derry .  

live projections, spoken word and sound.

Rain shadow
rugged land
a pose
in- posing
bang bang bang
echoes the wells
death travels
cold chills
night curfew rings through
and so it begins .......... 

The Worker The Peoples History Museum Manchester

Taking inspiration from the paintings of Cliff Rowe such as “ Women Working”  and  "Man At Work With Mirror Image".

These intimate portraits reflecting a British industry of a skilled workforce that is almost extinct today. The skilled hand of the worker and the skilled hand of the artist are brought together in blocks of colour and detail.

I created a performance that reflex’s this meeting of artist and worker. With live sound making, spoken word taken from Cliff Rowe’s sketch books and a intimate visual experience

Artist Cliff Rowe (1904-1989) sought to represent industry and working life through his art.  A Communist, his work primarily depicts industrial workplace scenes, men and women calmly operating machinery, often skilled and somewhat scientific.

here is a film i made from the archive drawings of Cliff Rowe and field recording onsite of the storeroom where the archive is kept, this film played out before my performance.



A-Wake New Work Yorkshire Live Art Bistro Leeds

A-Wake marks a celebration and closing event for New Work Yorkshire (an artist led network of practitioners making diverse and vibrant work) supporting performance makers with over 10 years of activity.

for this night i performed a version of “a requiem for the darkness”

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The River Runs Black The Whitworth Gallery Manchester 

A new commissioned work for saturday supplement in collaboration with, The Whitworth Gallery Manchester (museum of the year) - CFCCA Manchester and Taiwan 

A live sound and spoken word performance by artist Debbie sharp using natural materials (wood, stone, charcoal and water) from the river Medlock, along with old rusty nails, to create a new “action drawing”. Sharp is inspired by the Micro Micro Revolution statement “Connect the broken land with the water” as she looks at the conflict between the natural environment and the man-made destruction that comes with economic growth. 

CFCCA “Fantastic performance - really engaged with Wu Mali and Lu CHien-ming’s work in #MicroMicroRevolution!”

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A Dark Mass - Performed at Manchester Art Gallery

The work was commissioned for the exhibition  ‘In Emergency Break Glass’  which brought together the North’s best emerging female contemporary artists, performers & creatives to challenge the male-dominated artistic canon, respond to the gallery’s artworks and inspire attendees.

A Dark Mass consisted of a live performance with spoken word, live action drawing, amplified metal headwear, hammer actions.


Objects into Sound,  New York Silent Barn.


Objects into Sound :: Sound into Space Objetos en Sonido :: Sonará en el Espacio 音へのオブジェクト :: 宇宙に聞こえる

International line-up featuring the first time meeting of New York turntablist, Maria Chavez, and Kobe, Japan-based magnetic pickup and metal operator, Tim Olive, UK sound/performance artists, Rosanne Robertson & Debbie Sharp, and local bridge and tunnel turntable/reel to reel operators, Corcorax (Tom Mulligan & Che Chen).