Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 

speakHer sound sculpture celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Representation of the People Act. Inspired by Calderdale’s own local Women's Social and Political Union and Emily Pankhurst’s rousing speech in support of the striking weavers on the wooden steps of Bridge Mill (Hebden Bridge) this unapologetic sculpture amplifies what protest means to women today in light of the Women’s Suffrage Movement and what is still to be fought for. 

For speakHer I interview 15 women from the local Calderdale area. Each woman telling their own stories of protest,women rights and activism. The women I interviewed came from different back grounds and different age ranges. from mothers who make talking caftivism, women who had been at greenham common and the power girls and support workers of the women centre in Halifax, who also attended the opening launch night of speakHer and talked about the centre highlighting the important work they do.

speakHer amplified these women voice out across the count yard of the town hall at hebden bridge.