unconscious mur mur


high above the city a site-specific intervention 

unconscious mur mur

This work came about after i had a major operation and felt that i had a near death experience. where i could see the landscape in front of me starting to black out in pieces as i felt my life slipping away and a sense of loss. I wanted to recreate this by blacking out parts of the sky above the city. like a bird murmuration but the mur mur on this occasion referring to the mur murs of the heart beating. There was something quite poetical with the black shapes moving with the wind changing form as the balloons joined together. Creating a loss and changing the landscape of the city for a short time.

created for the Might and Main artist residency.

“Might and Main is a project exploring the mechanisms and celebrating the outputs of the artist led- researching the importance of place and space to artistic production from Manchester city centre artist led studio and project space The Penthouse”.

i thought this work was perfect for the Residency, using the building as a base for the work with-in the city landscape. this work was visible from quite a distance creating vast visibility for the art work and from a distance you get the full affect not quite knowing what the black shapes are that are obscuring the view.


traces of the remains of a unconscious mur mur