With-In-Memoriam was a period of research and development. Exploring ideas of death, consciousness & remembrance.  A series of public engagement events & exhibitions working with the centre for Death and Life studies at Durham University. and funded by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England.

From the research I created a performance and installation "WITH-IN-MEMORIAM" which were both shown at Pushing Up the Daisies- Todmorden’s own death festival. The performance was paced between  5 archways to echo the 5 pillars of islam, (the five bases of the Islamic faith: shahada (confession of faith), salat (prayer), zakat (almsgiving), sawm (fasting, especially during the month of Ramadan), and hajj (the pilgrimage to Mecca). Expand. Also called Pillars of the Faith). in the performance I travel trough each archway on a journey through my own mortality. Creating a live soundscape created by cleansing. with spoken word. with the sent of rosewater on the air. The performance took place at dusk. As the light failed as we got to the final archway the touch light showed the way as I become fully absorbed into the darkness.  

this performance was attended by wrens, bats, dogs and people.


“every soul shall taste death”

 with-in-memoriam installation in Todmorden Unitarian Church 

with-in-memoriam installation in Todmorden Unitarian Church 


working with The centre for Death and Life studies I gave a talk and performed at a afternoon of reflections and readings on Death with Hatfield college at durham university